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Quotech specialises in enriching policyholder data and blending it with your own data. For each stage of the insurance value chain, we have sourced the best data and designed cloud-based platforms to enable everyone to access accurate, material and relevant analysis.

Our unique features include:

  • Automated collection and analysis of the most relevant data for each class of business

  • Complete audit trail of the data and decisions made against it

  • Management of the different authority levels, risk appetites and rating models.

All recorded and displayed in one place to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Our clients

We work with companies of all sizes, including insurance brokers, companies and agencies. Our platforms help:

  • Brokers give quick and insightful risk management advice to their clients, whilst helping them filling in their application form.

  • Underwriters access better, richer and more consistent data and analysis to apply their underwriting judgement.

  • Actuaries and Underwriting Managers analyse and review the underwriting judgement as well as all the data and analysis reviewed by the underwriter.

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Our team

Quotech was founded by Guillaume Bonnissent, CEO, who has twenty years of insurance experience as both an underwriter and senior executive. Throughout his career, Guillaume encountered one constant issue: the poor quality of data available to decision-makers at all levels, mainly due to legacy systems. Quotech was born from that frustration as Guillaume explains:

“Quotech is a data provider and technology platform which aims to give access to the best data to all insurance industry practitioners - from brokers, underwriters, actuaries and data scientists, to claims adjusters and business developers, all the way up to the Board of Directors. We want to help everyone in the insurance distribution chain to make better decisions based on accurate, material and relevant information.”

Choose from our range of multi-tasking solutions

Our platforms are designed and tailored to meet your specific requirements. They all work in unison to ensure greater consistency in the way your data is collected, stored and analysed, providing you with one version of the truth.

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We have designed platforms for different lines of business that can showcase our capabilities and may already fit all or most of your requirements. We would also love to hear about any issues you have regarding collecting, analysing and storing data, so we can deliver the right solution to you.

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Frequently asked questions

Our consultancy services and platforms are built around you. Some of our customers just want our consultancy services as they are trying to source specific data or want our data science or actuarial consultants to work on an ad-hoc project, whilst some of our customers are interested in all our platforms either in one project or through a modular approach.

We sell our services and platforms through a subscription agreement. We charge an initial configuration fee that includes our initial consultancy services and then a monthly fee either per-user or volume-based depending on the platform. The fee for any reconfiguration shall not exceed the configuration fee unless it is a total reconfiguration of the platform.

Our platforms have been designed to ensure that your designated administrators can manage a lot of changes without our involvement.

Our data science and actuarial consultancy services are charged on a project basis.

There are four main types of data available:

Data that is freely available and in an adequate format; we know a lot of these sources of data and understand how to integrate them with our platforms.

Data that is available for a fee from data vendors; we constantly grow our ecosystem of reputed data vendors and are also happy to work with your current vendors.

Data that is publicly available but not in an adequate format; we then work with you to create a bespoke database of such data that can be used for analysis.

Your own data that we can look at integrating into our platforms as long as it’s in an adequate format.

All our platforms are designed with the users in mind, be they internal or external, such as capacity providers for an MGA or reinsurers. All users can be given bespoke authorities and access to the platform, including read-only of all or part of the platforms. The authorities and access are managed by a super-user rather than Quotech.

We can work with companies of all sizes from the one-man MGA with no IT support to the large insurers with a lot of stakeholders. We have a great understanding of MGA and their requirements, as our CEO used to manage an MGA prior to starting Quotech. Our actuarial and data science consultancy services were built with MGAs in mind as we know how useful those services could be on an ad-hoc basis, for instance when negotiating a binder with capacity providers.

We always host the platforms, but we understand that some larger companies prefer to host the databases holding their data themselves. We can then work with your IT department to make that possible and still give you all the benefits of our platforms. For smaller companies, we are happy to host the databases ourselves through one of the most reputable cloud providers.